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Meeting An Anemone's Lighting Needs, Blues Vs. Whites (1 Viewer)

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Jul 4, 2023
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My light is programmed for a 11hr light cycle

08-0830am - 10% blue 0% white

0830-0900 - 90% blue 10% white

0900 - 1700 75% blue 25% white

1700 - 1730 blue remains the same, white decreases by 5%, but I increase red/greens by 5%

1730 -1830 90%blue 10% white

1830 - 1900 10% blue 0% white

1900 - off

Weekends I get super crazy and open the black out curtains and let the tanks bask in natural daylight for about 6hrs.

It may sound weird, but I don't run any combined percentages over 100% (i.e. 90% blue 35% white I would consider 125%)

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Can you also tell us the equipment use. And will it work for a 15 gallon… I am starting up a nano anemone tank. But I think my light is too primitive and the my first and only anm split. My clownfish already hosted it. I had the anm for abt 3 months already but they never bubble back up and are so stringy