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Member Spotlight - August


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Jun 5, 2017
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Member Spotlight:
A fun and exciting new twist to the traditional Tank Of The Month.
In this event, we will be seeking the best of the best.

All you have to do is
SUBMIT a photo according to the category of the month, get the most “likes" ( (y) ) , & you can win some amazing prizes!

The August category is FTS "Full Tank Shot". Here is an invitation for everyone to join the competition. So take out that glass cleaner and clean that glass and algae off. Get the best angle for your tank and start taking some pics! Tips to taking pictures are turning off the flow turning down the blues so we can see that hard work put together.

The winner gets:

* $50 Gift Card to Fish Gallery or City Pets

Start posting your pictures ASAP

1 - Photo must match the category.
2 - Submit ONLY 1 photo. CLICK HERE.
3- Contest now thru August 20th
4- Photo with the MOST "Likes" wins.
5 - No copyright infringements! You must be the owner of the photo.
6 - Please do NOT submit photos of someone else's tank.
7 - Members creating multiple accounts to vote for themselves will have all votes removed.