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For Sale Neon green finger leather frags - $30


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Mar 25, 2017
had this for sale as the colony but decide to sell frags of it, i will have 2 frags cut tomorrow, after that it will be a cut to order. each frag will have at least 2 branches each.

If you are a Marsh member-$25
If you are not a Marsh member - $ 30

all frags regardless of price, will be pretty big.

my dad may accpet an even trade, for a frag of a mushroom that is not orange, maybe an sps frag he dosent have. If you would like to trade text me a pic with what you have.

Pick up in Richmond.
Text me at+18324551597 also send me your marsh name so i can verify weather you are a marsh member or not.

i should have pics of the frags by tomorrow night . the mother colony is pictured. Text me for more pics


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