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New Raffel

Oceanlife Aquariums

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Oct 22, 2014
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We have a new raffel. Beginning now and drawing will be on Sunday Sept 4th at 6pm. You will receive 1 ticket for every $100 spent at our store.
Reef Cube Nano Tank w/ Protein Skimmer & Stand - Black/Brown
Aquatop's all-in-one marine and reef system includes all the equipment for a successful saltwater aquarium. Easy set up and simple maintenance makes this the ideal set-up for the new or advanced hobbyist. The 24 gallon high clarity glass aquarium comes pre-drilled and includes a stand with concealed sump system.
24 Gallon High Clarity Tank with Glass Cover
7 Gallon Sump in Pre-Assembled Stand
HTG 200W Heater with Guard
MaxFlow SWP-2300 Pump
Xyclone Protein Skimmer with Pump
Bright 20W LED Lighting System
All Connections and Fittings