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New Tank (180g) Upgrade looking for some options


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Apr 27, 2016
I'm going to be getting a 180g (60''x27''x27'') for the foreseeable future its going to be FOWLR tank until I feel comfortable with the finances required to keep an all SPS tank. I was thinking about the following options and was looking to get opinions on how to move forward:

For the filtration:
Sump is going to be either a 40g or 55g that I'll custom make (Anyone know someone local who makes baffles??)
H380 with chaeto
Syncra 3.0 for the return pump
X-220 Axium G4 Skimmer (I've heard this is a solid skimmer, tell me otherwise)
Reef Saver rock from BRS unless someone local is selling

I was thinking of going bare bottom, I have discussed with a few folks who have told me to just place a little bit of sand, but I wanted to run pumps on the bottom ... The bare bottom vs sand debate seems to be a bit of a toss up, any ideas?

For the corals: (SPS only)
Lighting 3 options:
3X Radion XR30s Pro+ Diffusers (I may have to upgrade to 4x I'm not quite sure if this is overkill) <-- This option seems to be most cost effective ...
6x Radion XR15's Pro + Diffusers (I may eventually have to add another set of 2)
3X Atlantik V4 <-- Does anyone use these lights?

I costed a couple of other options one of which uses a 4x kessil/4xT5 hybrid combo which is actually the cheapest option. But the heat output for this option is relatively high meaning that my temps in the summer will be pretty high...

3xMP40s 2 on the top, and one running on the bottom (I've been using the Ectotechs for quite sometime, they're good pumps, are there better options?)

Varios CR200 8'' (It says that thing can be operated externally, I'm hoping so... Any better options for dosing??)

Any advice would be greatly welcomed!
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