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Newbie to the hobby - Help choosing tank


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Apr 14, 2019
I used to own freshwater tanks a long time ago. I had plans of starting a saltwater tank and had all the gear, but due to a move, sold everything.
18 years later, now my son built his aquascape tank and after visiting some local stores, my passion re-ignited and since the wife and I have more time in our hands,
think we can finally dedicate to this wonderful process.

I still remember many of the basics, but I have been doing my homework and there is a ton to re-visit and learn. I love reading and constantly learning new things.

I am thinking of a Planet Aquarium 96" x 30" x 25" tank and as I keep reading about internal vs external overflow, I am a bit confused about what impact the coralline will have with an internal overflow and the water. Will it just not be as clear? If so, can I clean an internal overflow? In the end, will the internal take up that much space with a 30" wide tank? Which one should I go for?

I am still in the early stage of setting up my system build and choosing the equipment (Red Octopus Skimmer, EcoTech lights, Pumps, Sump, etc).
Any help with recommendations and what I should stay away from will be greatly appreciated.

Hope to meet some of you at the event on May 4th!