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purple firefish


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Oct 8, 2012
Downtown houston, 77002
Hey all,

Probably ten years ago I got a firefish that slowly got a curve in its back. It actually looked like it lost muscle on one side of its tale. It lived another year before it later just disappeared one day.

I bought two purple firefish recently that looked kinda skinny but were eating and on sale.( it was actually from my favorite fish store) Put them in my big tank and one disappeared for the last 3 weeks. The one that stayed out is now fat and happy. The other one actually found my pistol shrimp and bonded. Sadly he came out to start eating and he has the same curve in his back now.

Maybe it just happens with a nutrition deficiency? What are your thoughts?


Oct 26, 2014
I would say it probably ran into something and damaged his vertebrae. Just keep an eye on it and if it doesn't stress out a lot it should be ok.