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For Sale Rimless Planet Aquarium/ Neptune Apex Gear (1 Viewer)

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May 24, 2015
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Selling my saltwater aquarium set up. I have everything required to have a complete running set up. Although I have all the equipment listed separately. If interested in everything we can work out a price for all of it.

-Planet Aquarium 120g rimless with internal overflow. The tank is overall in good condition with no leaks however it does have a few scratches. The tank is on a custom stand that has a closed off electronics section. I will also include a tigger ruby 30 sump with a jabao dc return pump. $700

-Octo 150ss protein skimmer. Works great $150

- Apex 2016 purchased on September 10 2021 from FJW. The system is in excellent condition and is packed back in the original box with the ph and orp probes capped with water. $500

- 2x Ecotech Radion XR30 gen 4 pro, mobius ready. Everything on them works great with no burnt LED’s $400ea

- Apex Dos purchased in December 2021 no issues. $200

-Apex ATK comes with everything minus ac power adapter. I had the pump plugged into the eb832. $100

-Neptune GRO 1.5 years old, pipe mount. $80

Neptune AFS - 1.5 years old. $60

Neptune Magnet Probe Rack -$30

Ecotech backup battery. Manufacture date 6-11-2021. $100

Finnix 500w Titanium Heater $30

Jebao SCP -120 Gyro pump. $60

I have several pics for each piece of equipment but limited to the pics I can upload. Let me known if you want to see more pics of a particular item.
I am located in Kingwood, 77339. IMG_9866.jpeg


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