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Sea Turtle Nest Patrol


Board Member
Jul 9, 2015
Houston, TX
The Sea Turtle Restoration Network is currently seeking volunteers for their sea turtle nest patrol in Galveston. Space is limited, but I thought this was a great opportunity! The patrol runs Apr 1 - Jul 15, Monday - Saturday. Volunteers must commit to at least 1 day per week and at leaat one 2hr shift on the day(s) chosen for the entire time frame. There are 11 routes available and (2) 2hr shifts to choose from. Routes are either ATV or on foot and range from 2-5 miles. Children must be 12yrs of age or older to participate. Volunteer training is being held February 21st @ Moody Gardens from 5pm - 9pm and is mandatory to volunteer. They have many other programs and opportunities available. I plan to volunteer, sounds like a great opportunity!

Check out this link for more information or to register.

Sea Turtle Nest Patrol | Turtle Island Restoration Network

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