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Sold Selling frags (mostly SPS)

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Dec 31, 2015
Selling frags of my corals since they are shadowing the corals below them.
1. Red Robin stag - color faded since it fell on the sand bed - $15
2. Green slimer - $15 each 1 sold
3. Purple stylo - $10 sold, purple Idaho montipora cap $15 sold
4. Green Monti cap - $15 sold, multi branch orange passion $70 pending
5. Purple Idaho Monti cap - $20 for the mid size one sold, $30 for the big one sold
6. Purple Idaho Monti cap - $10, grafted montipora (only show red, but the mother colony is showing green specks) - $20 each
7. Red blastos -$20 sold, branching blasto - $15 sold
8. Blue tort $15 for smaller frag and $20 for the bigger one.
9. Unknown tabling acro (mother colony in the 3rd picture bottom right side) - $20 for medium size frag, $35 for the huge frag - sold

I will sell them till this coming weekend. Then I will trade in to my LFS. Don't like frag rack sitting in my display tank.

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