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SS_Project - feedback, not positive experience, scammed out of $100 (1 Viewer)


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Jan 23, 2017
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The Woodlands, TX
Sold an AI PrimeHD to SS_Project, tested and validated all was working well with light prior to dropping off to him in person at TAP. Had 0 issues with light and came off a working system.

He reports he can't get it to connect to his app, the fan is making noise, and is stuck flashing / blinking. He cannot make it work, so I sent a prepaid label and refunded his money once he dropped off at post office.

I received the light back today in much worse condition than I sold it. The fan screen has been torn out, the cable management clips missing, the power cord going in to the housing had exposed wires indicating the unit had been opened. The light smelled of burnt electrical parts and upon opening there was still water inside.

Either the insides were swapped with a broken light or it was water damaged and he isn't being honest about what happened.

Sellers beware - I'm out $100.

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