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Started Filling my 279G Tank

Aug 18, 2003
All the fish from my 100g were moved over to the 279g last night, they seem to be settling in just fine. I plan to put the Sohal Tang in this evening.
Let the action begin once you put the Sohal in the tank

I want to experiment with adding another much smaller Sohal


Reef Junkie T.V.
Supporting Member
Feb 4, 2014
League City
Yep, takes a while to fill a big tank. I hate waiting.

If I had a large tank, I would invest in a higher GPD rodi.

As much as I treat fish and anemones....I'll probably get a 150 GPD for my unit now. Makes life much easier. Tank transfers and 100% WC's burn through a lot of water.


Board Member
Jul 23, 2014
The Woodlands, TX
I've been moving colonies slowly lately so I'm right there with you in this. Makes me nervous to take a colony from a thriving environment and put it in something fairly new. Oh well. Your tank is coming along nicely.