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Texas Newbie

Oct 27, 2018
Well i'm not 100% i belong in the newbie forum, but i'm kinda a newbie to the texas hobby so i think it counts. I recently relocated from san diego where i broke down a 50g cube mixed reef.

In the coming months i'll be looking to setup a new tank. I'll probably do a frag style tank 48x24x16.

Coming from San Diego we had a wealth of coral since so much stuff comes in through LA. I want to setup a mushrom/euphyllia system (hammers, torches, octospawn) w/ 1 rainbow and 1 black widow anemone.

My fish stock i'd like 2 naked clowns, 2 midnight clowns, a couple of firefire and maybe a leopard wrasse and a mystery wrasse.

I was curious what shops typically house euphyllias/high end euphyllia's if any.. Or do folks normally get stuff online.

I'm currently in the college station area and haven't yet explored houston/austin (been here about a week..clearly i have my priorities). Since its a bit of drive, i was hoping for any intel.

Not 100% sure of all forum rules, but u can't publicly list anything, pm is cool. i'm slowly trying to


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Apr 20, 2017
Spring Branch
Welcome to MARSH. As for finding good frags here in Houston, feel free to look at the site sponsors for options, as it may be worth a day trip to hit up a few stores once your tank is up and cycled. Just be sure to bring a big cooler for all your goodies. You can also pick up really nice specimens from the for sale section as well. I also want to say there are a few members out your way that put some nice stuff up for sale from time to time as well.
Oct 27, 2018
Thanks, i definitely will make a day trip and chat. I didn't even know the shop list on the front page. That will help plan my route.