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Feb 4, 2014
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League City
This store is located off 45 South. Exit El Dorado Blvd and go east under the freeway. It’s about 1 mile from 45.

It’s owned and operated by a married couple (maybe in their 50’s). The guy is very quiet, but his wife is a bit more social. They’re simi friendly.

This is primarily a FW store. It’s pretty slim pickings for saltwater critters.

Very few coral, but they still have about 7 FOWLER tanks. Looked like he shut down the last 4 tanks and might restart them as more FOWLER tanks. They do get some decent fish in sometimes.

They do have quite a few inverts (snails and hermits).

The store itself is small and packed inside. They have some very nice FW fish. Some very large FW fish.

They also sell sell a lot of dry goods for both fresh and salt. Prices are medium to high.

This store has a lot of plants inside. Kinda a cool place to visit at least once if you’re in the area. :)

Small section on back wall with saltwater tanks:


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