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To Trigger or not to Trigger


Sep 24, 2015
I love the trigger fish. This tank is young so I am not doing anything at the moment, but I want one. I also want to keep my new corals and get more sps,lps. The reef compatability and aggression of this fish is debated back and forth on both sides in great extremes. Who has em, and what do you think. I have a Hippo, Flame, and my little fishies, minI frags (new), lots of snails. Like I said, I am not pulling the trigger. LOL, soon, but I am planning my directions.


Feb 3, 2017
Xanthichthys genus triggers are generally less aggressive, but inverts & small fish will still be on the menu once it gets big.


Supporting Member
Jun 29, 2012
Agreed with the others. If you have a reef, your best bet is a blue jaw, crosshatch, or a red tail trigger. But I would discourage you from getting one unless you have a 200+ gallon tank. These fish LOVE to swim and LOVE to eat. I had a blue jaw in my 400g and it ate more than almost all of the other fish combined. They are metabolic machines. Also, remember, they are cute when they are little, but they get big too.