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TTM (Tank Transfer Method)

Clownfish Chris

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Nov 15, 2014
Spring 77373
First we have to have a positive ID that is is ICH. Next, you will have to be able to run your display fallow for 72 days. With a 5" tang, you will want at least a 55gallon observation QT or someone else to hold him for you. With Smaller fish, a 20long is perfect.

Here is a short list of what you will need:
-Two clean and dry tanks. 5 gallon buckets for most smallish fish or 29gallon tanks for larger fish such as tangs or angels
-Two 25 watt heaters
-Air pump with lots of tubing
-PVC fittings larger than the fish
-Ammonia remover such as Seachem Prime
-Enough NEW saltwater for 4 transfers
-Small fan

Here is how you do it:
Prepare tank
1. Fill one tank 2/3s of the way full of NEW salt water
2. Treat with Ammonia remover
3. Place PVC fittings on bottom of tank- this is for the fish to hide in
4. Tie brand new airline to one fitting and start air.
5. Temp acclimate fish to new water. DO NOT CROSS CONTAMINATE WATER
6. Place fish in new water. Remove fish by hand if possible. Avoid using a net. I like to do a quick 1 minute fresh water dip before each transfer.
7. Do not feed until an hour or so before transfer
Repeat this process after 48 hours in newly prepared tank at least 3 times

To clean the tank:
1. Dump 1 cup bleach into tank water after fish has been removed
2. Let sit for one hour
3. Drain and rinse the tank
4. Discard airline
5. Place fan over tank to insure it is ABSOLUTELY DRY for at least 24 hours


In 3 years, I have never lost a fish to Ich or TTM since using this method. Some may tell you the length of time is off for transfers or fallow periods. I am not saying they are right or wrong just that this has worked for me. I have used medication both successfully and with causalities. I would use medications only when absolutely necessary and only when the source is from a trusted source like a reputable commercial manufacture or a pharmacy. Ebay meds are known to be unpure with unknown binding agents and quality control is unknown.