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Unlimited Color Corals - Open House - Feb 23rd 2019


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Jun 5, 2017
ucc event.jpg
Unlimited Color Corals

Open House

10:30a to 3:30p

Saturday February 23

5918 Nelwyn St

Houston 77009

*Usually available by appointment only

Join us at the MARSH Canopy

See their coral holding and farming facility.
Everything from SPS, Softies, LPS, & Zoas
Pick-up a great colony or frag.

MARSH raffles:

Win one of the $50 gift certificates at the event.

Visit & Find a Great Deal


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Mar 25, 2017
If I’m not mistaken, i think yall where at reef currents last year, but the name sounded familiar, and I’m pretty sure my dad bought a neon green finger leather from y’all it was a smallish frag now it’s a decent sized colony! My dad and I will be there!
Jun 29, 2013
About our business.... Well I would dare to say once you see our faces you will know who we are. Samantha and I started this business 6 years ago. We have had a booth at Reef Currents since year 2. We are basically a mobile coral vendor. Last year we went to about 32 shows around the country and some weekends it was a 2 shows on the same weekend. We like to culture most of our corals whenever possible and have built a facility almost dedicated to growing corals.


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Mar 7, 2014
This should be a blast. I plan on being there but have to check with the calendar coordinator and make sure she does not have other plans for me.

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