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Updated QT fish list (1 Viewer)

Seaworthy Aquatics

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Feb 21, 2020
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Greater Heights
Yes I was going to put one together today, bunch of fish ready to go!

Like these guys!

I'll get pics/videos ready of others here later today but have Achilles tangs, Gem Tangs, Yellow Eye Kole tangs, Mandarin Gobies, Platinum Clowns, Naked Clowns, Midnight Clowns, Orange Storms, Kuiter's Leopard Wrasse, Scribbled Rabbits, Cosmic Gobies, Jester Gobies, Red Corris Wrasse, Lemonpeel Angles, Coral Beauties, Hippo Tangs, Cortez Angel, Magnificent FoxFace, Cardinals, Lyertail Damsels. I think that's it lol.

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