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Vectra M2 pump


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Apr 23, 2018
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I bought a brand new Ecotech Vectra M2, good price on eBay that was working fine for 2 weeks. But now when I power it down and turn it back on it starts ramping speeds up and down, going from 85gph to 120gph to 240gph then dropping back down to 85gph to start the whole process again. This flow readout I get from my Apex flow sensor. The drive itself on the knob flashes red then like its restarting each time this process recycles. Brand new doing this, I should have bought a Neptune drive they stand by there products even if purchased off eBay, they just ask for serial number and receipt.

Has any experience this with the Vectra M2 before? click on Drive fault video
Drive fault video

Ecotech refuses to offer me any support or warranty coverage because I didn’t buy this product from one of there distributors. I will never buy any of there products again since they won’t stand by there products even if new and was registered by one owner with proof of purchase.


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Apr 14, 2019
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1) Did you install the latest firmware for the QD Controller?
2) Have you done a factory reset and try again?