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Hi im interested in getting all of the fish still available ?
please text me at 202-713-4632
thank you
what would you like for the lot of corals ?
I can probably do $60 for all of them if you pick them up today or tomorrow.
lets do $60
i can pick up Sunday late afternoon
please text me to confirm, since i might not ck the forum
Id like the Monti cap
rock please text me at
202-713-4632 to coordinate [ick up time and location
thank you
Is the RODI and mixing station still available? If so, I would like to get it all. I recently started back into reefing after a 12 year layoff.
Tom Gambill
Tom Gambill
It is, can you come during this week 4-6pm? or mornings?
I just changed my filter floss out last night and may still have some on the the floss. there are typically several dozen. I can save the floss out. I just checked and there are still several that a nice and red, but curled up. I can bag them. Let me know.