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I will take one of the hammers. Where would you like to meet? My cell is (832) 335-4365. I live in Spring as well.
Rick. I think I sold you some clown fish years ago. do you still have some macrow algae available? I'm looking for a clean nutrient exporter. Where are you located again? Spring? please text me if you still have some available as I am not on this much at all.


I started adding "Reef-Roids" to my protein smoothies. Since, I've triple my muscle mass 3x over. I'm even growing SPS and LPS on my arms. 10 / 10 recommended.
So you have several ones I would like to purchase. Some of the acans I would like to hand pick. Is that an option?
Of course it is
Text me to set up a time

Im very interested in getting some frags
of the teal birds, setosa, and psammy
please text me to arrange a time and place to pick them up
thank you ..

Im interested in getting a frag if its still available
please text to arrange time and pick up location
thank you
Man, if only my tank was set up and ready. Still need a few things, but that is a great deal. Sorry no one is jumping on it.

im interested in the
GARF Bonsai
a medium if you have it
please text me to arrange pick up and payment
thank you !!!
Im very interested in the hippo tang
Please text me to make arrangements for payment and pick up
thank you !!!!
Im interested in the Lobo for sale
where and when can I pick it up ?
thank you
you can text me at 202-713-4632
I will take one or all of the anemones. Also probably some of the other corals too. let me know if you are interested and I can come by with cash. Thanks, Darren 713-825-3820
I'll keep you posted. I have got to get the nems to let go of the rocks first.
Yolo Thorn
Yolo Thorn
Works for me, Thanks!
Hello was wondering if you had any

Juggernaut mushroom left of so would you ship?​

Anyway I can have your number to text you for faster response I actually spent quite a bit on fish today I didn't see your message till now but I'll definitely text you for 1 806-584-1238 Tony will see if my friend still wants 1
I be out on vacation soon. And be back by June 16th ill get 1 than
Texted you. my cell 213-926-2030
No rush. I am busy at word these two weeks won't be able to ship anyways.
interested in a rainbow , location for pick up. can possibly come tomorrow for one. coming from spring
you can text me at 832-763-0292