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I would like the powder blue but I have fox face purple chevron blue tang in 225 dt do you think this would work are am I over loading.

the frag tank 30by30. Is that a complete working system or just the tank and stand. Im just starting out sorry for the question of clarity
I am wanting to get started in saltwater. You mentioned possible turnkey. How much you think that will cost me. That is a really nice tank you have for sale.
Have tons of corals to trade in my 24oo gal system, 7133205203 interested in all can make you sweet deal
I always fresh cut. Use to have frag tank and everyone wanted fresh cut so did away with it. I always have corals for sale.
ok. What do you have that you would want to sell? I'm not trying to buy the $2500 sps located from titanic or anything. Just a mix of sps that will fill up the aquarium as they grow.
Check out marine collectors. Eliot has one and can get just about anything. Already quarantined and treated. Got a few fish from him and will be getting my Achilles from him as well