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Where are you located? I want these:

  • Hygger 4 channel auto dosing pump (never used) - $25
  • Innovative Marine frag rack (32) - $20
I am starting my build on a 650 Peninsula, Have not yet decided on what to stock it with but am very much interested in seeing the livestock you may have say 1 or 2 months from now when i have finished the tank set-up (see my posts on the marshian members forum where i am documenting the deconstruction of this tank (was a discus tank) to now a new build up .
Hi Dennis:

My hardware prep is going well for my tank , and I was thinking about sumps and how to upgrade...so was looking at clarisea and then I was made aware that Red Sea is coming with Reefmat system !

Do you have any timeline when you will be getting the Reefmats?
I have three heads of purple green branching hammer. A fourth head is starting to grow. I have it for sale for $50. I live in Spring.
Is that a Lionel 027 gauge locomotive in your avatar?

Sorry just noticed your post. It is a Riverassi made in Italy HO scale. It comes with 2 f units ..one being powered and a non powered b unit. I used to have a 20 feet by 20 feet set up on my basement. Hilly and all seasons. I could not find anyone interested in forming a club and slowly lost interest in the hobby. I am slowly selling everything off on Kijji. Thanks for helping me out with my aquarium Steve
I never really liked Lionel. I think they look too unreal from what I have seen....in the 90s I did a factory tour in Metro Detroit. I learned the other day that Metro Detroit has lost around a half million people in not too long a time line.
I will take one of the hammers. Where would you like to meet? My cell is (832) 335-4365. I live in Spring as well.
Rick. I think I sold you some clown fish years ago. do you still have some macrow algae available? I'm looking for a clean nutrient exporter. Where are you located again? Spring? please text me if you still have some available as I am not on this much at all.