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Hi Gregg. That's a great starfish. What kind and how much did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking. Actually.. did he have another one =)
It’s the red sea starfish, I’m not sure what it cost, I just swiped my credit card... I bought a bunch of other stuff at the same time but would guess it was like 40-50 dollars... he had a copy other ones as well.
Hi Jessica I just text yall, I didn't get this mesasge until now and I saw you sent it this morning. 972.379.,7750 lemme know if you received my text
Hi Jessica, I am looking for one and I preferred one that wasn't from the store, do you ever come to houston?
We could meet somewhere today if you wanted. We have an 18” snowflake. He’s fed with tongs every 2-3 days. If interested call my husband Josh and my self at (936)668-1661 to discuss details.
I have a trigger emerald 39
Im not sure if a 39" would fit haha. I curretly run the marine depot trigger elite 30 but want a bigger fuge.
Interested in mushrooms can you send me some pics of what you have available? I live on lake conroe