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I would like to reach out to one more time and see if you still have any Shermans left? I am interested and getting one from you. Please get back to me. Thanks, Tracy My number is done one post.
Sorry. Been sick and all over lately. Yes. Still have them. I will save you one. I’ve been trying to break the tank down but a, waiting on one or two people to come and get some things so I can empty it for good.
Do any of the them have almost a black in the middle? I would like to get one from you. I'm not far from you I could pick up tonight. Please let me know. Thanks, Tracy Text 281-414-4777
Hello, I live in Sienna and am getting rid of a bunch of stuff, not sure if you want or need anything but if you want to come by and take a look you are more then welcome, regards Darin
Thanks for letting me know, when can i come over to take a look?

Friday should work, I will let you know what time I will be home once I know, thanks Darin
i see you are back home , man, you did post some awesome pictures from Marshall Islands,
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thank you for the kind words. I do miss the island and the ocean every single day.
The ocean is life.
Where are you located? I want these:

  • Hygger 4 channel auto dosing pump (never used) - $25
  • Innovative Marine frag rack (32) - $20