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ill take a frag of your kenya tree, i can come over after work thursday or anytime friday, i live in seabrook so im just down the road from ya
Reeftopia, from the bus tour to FJW, Dennis didn't want to sale me any of his larger size Red Goniopora, do you have any in your collection for sale? A large one, not frag size large.
I'm parting out now. Are you still wanting the skimmer and fuge light?
The skimmer dimensions are 14.5" H, 15.5" W, 45" L
Still looking for a nano setup? I'm looking to sell my Nuvo 10 tank. Still running now. Comes with tank, sicce pump upgrade, lid, ghost skimmer, rock, sand, zoas, clownfish, all for 80.00 Located in spring. Text me at 2483721600 for pictures. thanks
Hello everyone my name is Vince Olivas and I recently joined this group. I'm looking forward on meeting some fellow reefers and fish keepers. What I am trying to get from this group is the ability to meet and greet and actually see what is working for people out there. I am trying to seek guidance through people actually seeing my set up. I have been in the hobby for 3 yrs and keeping corals for less than a year.
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Welcome aboard! I live on the north side of Houston in the spring/woodlands area. Feel free to reach out to me if you're ever interested in seeing how another reefer operates or have a question that I could potentially answer.
I have a sick Gem tang. Would you mind recommending a treatment path? It looks like he had ick but also had holes in his fins. I posted a thread in the general forum with more info and photos.