Tank of the Month - June 2016

June 2016 Tank of the Month - PSXerholic


Hi everyone,


Many of you know my tank and it's great and fast progress in the last 2 years since it's been set up.

I started in 2009 in the Saltwater hobby after coming over to the great state of Texas from Europe.


My first tank as a little kid was a 25G air bubbled crawfish tank which I caught in the local river, and I remember that night when my mom was complaining about all the crawfishs all over in the house, lol.

Well over the decades I maintained nicely planted freshwater Amazon themed tanks and finally in 2009, my wife convinced me to get into the marine tank hobby ;-)


Going through all the pain and learning over the last few years, nights of educating myself and no sleep while working on the tank systems, I tried a lot of different methods for nutrient reduction and maintaining trace elements in the reef tank and finally I found the right methods finally how to maintain a thriving reef that do work for me ;-)


This tank is not done yet, ........it just started !!!!!






Aquarium Profile:


  • 2-1/2 years old SPS dominated, mixed reef
  • 210 Gallon AGA (from the shelf tank)
  • Black silicone
  • 2 overflow with DIY Durso, silenced & tied to a Co2 scrubber
  • Co2 Scrubber Phosban 550 reactor
  • Black acrylbased back wall coating
  • Aragonite Deep sand bed
  • 150 lbs Fiji Rock, mounted and supported by a piperack/build
  • APEX Gold Control System
  • APEX Salinity with Temperature compensation
  • APEX LED Driver modules
  • 30G Biocube plumbed into DT for frag healing
  • 4 x Low noise 12VDC Fans for tank cooling (APEX controlled)






  • Rocket Engineer modular DIY stand
  • Red Oak DIY Skirt around the stand with Roll off gear for full access
  • Inside coated with brown outdoor paint (less dirty and less light reflection)
  • Top Trim, Stain and final coating to be completed ☹
  • 2 x Kitchen cabinet lights
  • Canopy with 4x Low noise Fans





  • Overall very compact design for a 260G system
  • 40 Gallon Breeder, DIY glass baffled sump
  • Lifereef skimmer
  • 100W Heater – barely used
  • No socks
  • Prefilter foam blocks prior Siporax
  • SIPORAX 25mm Pond media chamber
  • 1 x UV-Sterilizer 40W
  • 2 x Return pumps in sump (MAG12/18)
  • 1 x Auxiliary pump (MAG 9.5) for UV and Frag system
  • 1 x “Just in case“ media reactor fed from the main return line
  • Aqualifter Air pump from Co2 Scrubber to Skimmer (if needed)
  • ATO system hardware



Water Circulation & Flow Summary


  • 1 x WP60 Wavemaker in Wave mode (mostly 75%)
  • 2 x RW8 Wavemaker in Wave mode (100%)
  • Both Return pumps running 24/7



Water Parameters


  • Temp  : 78-82
  • pH  : 7.8 morning / 8.2 evening
  • Salinity : 35ppt
  • Alkalinity : 8.0-8.5 (6.5 in ULNS mode)
  • CA 420 (430 max)
  • MG 1350-1400
  • No3 :4-5 (0.25 in ULNS mode)
  • SR : 8
  • Potassium : 410/420
  • Iodine : 0.6



Lighting summary & objectives


  • DIY Combo fixture of MH / T5 / LED
  • 4 x 250W MH Hamilton Technologies Cayman fixtures
  • 4 x 275 Electronic dimmable Ballast Hamilton Technologies
  • 4 x 20K Hamilton Technologies bulb
  • 4 x 80W - T5 on ATI Ballasts
  • 6 x 4 Channel Rapid LED (42 supplemental LED’s)
  • Light control via APEX



Filtration & water quality summary & objectives.


  • APEX Controlled Water change system every hour (2-5 gallons per day, depending on salt mix. Check my Video on Youtube and as well my Sponsor section !!!
  • Sockless and more dirty
  • Carbon only as exception if needed
  • Dosing of ALK via a mix of baked and unbaked baking soda
  • Dosing of ESV Calcium Chloride
  • Dosing of Brightwell Magnesium
  • Potassium, SR and other traces as needed
  • VSV Dosing (Vodka, Sugar,Vinegar mix)
  • Biodigest bacteria weekly
  • ZeoZym weekly (If I don’t forget)
  • Acropower Aminos



Tank inhabitants




  • 1 Md maxima clam
  • 1 Orange Rainbow BTA
  • 1 Purple Tube Anemone
  • 1 Yellow Tang
  • 1 Blue Tang
  • 1 Flame Angel
  • 3 Royal Gramma
  • Plenty of True Percula Clownies
  • More fish coming soon !!!
  • Plenty blue / red legged hermit crabs
  • All kind of snails
  • Plenty of Acro Crabs
  • Few Emerald Crabs
  • Hitchhiker Crabs
  • Recently found a Pencil Urchin
  • Serpent Starfishes
  • Sea Cucumbers
  • Sea Slugs





  • Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Rainbow and Ultra SPS’s
  • A few High End Acros
  • Gold and Orange Wall Hammer corals
  • Micromussa, Acans Zoa’s etc.
  • A few Soft Corals
  • Check my website for most of the SPS



Fish & Coral feeding


  • Tetra Flakes
  • Coral Frenzy powder
  • Reef Roids
  • Selcon
  • Frozen food cubes
  • Silverfish
  • Skimmate




“When one door in life closes, another one will open”…………nah, in real life ? If the door is closed, it’s closed !!!