This month we have dedicate the TOTM to our GUEST MEMBERS only, this has never happen before as it was only a Supporting Members event. Guest members can send your picture in for a chance to win. Picture (s) need to be a FTS (Full Tank Shot) of your tank and put up you best skills as it can make a difference in voting. Remember to clean your glass and take away all your clutter from around the tank. Pictures need to be from the tank that you have currently running. Deadline to submit picture was 05/20 of this month and has ended and voting has begun, Guest Members will have a vote too as Supporting members. For the winner; 1 year membership into the club, a custom banner naming this months winner in your signature area, it will have a link attach to it that will direct you to a page that we'll set up for the winner. All TOTM winners from 2016 will go into the final month "December" to battle it out for TOTY‚Ä®