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  1. gregg

    What did you get at Reef Currents 2021?

    Found the owner.
  2. gregg

    What did you get at Reef Currents 2021?

    Did anyone happen to see a booth with these setup in? I’m trying to find the owner🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. gregg

    Monster Crow Bar

    sadly it does not have this feature you speak of. :notsigned:
  4. gregg

    Monster Crow Bar

    im sure i have one in my garage somewhere of you need one.
  5. gregg

    NEW Supporting Member Perk - Triton ICP-OES Water Analysis Test Kits

    How long after you ordered it did it come in the mail?
  6. gregg

    Reef Currents 2021 photobooth photos

    Here is a link to see all the photos that where taken in the photobooth. https://photobooth321.smugmug.com/Reef-Current-Expo-2021
  7. gregg

    What did you get at Reef Currents 2021?

    I got a blister on my foot... that’s about it.
  8. gregg

    For Sale 40 Gal Breeder Tank

    yes, please post the information here.
  9. gregg

    For Sale 40 Gal Breeder Tank

    I am so very sorry for your loss, please let us know how we can help in anyway.
  10. gregg

    Reef Currents 2021 Call for Volunteers

    Hey y’all.... we could really use help! This is our big event of the year and the more hands we have the smoother it goes. Still time to get in on the fun!!
  11. gregg

    Reefcurrent parking

    There is street parking, self parking, valet and surface lots. Each charge different amounts.
  12. gregg

    Supporting Members Get FREE Stuff at REEF CURRENTS!

    Attention Supporting Members, Stop by registration at Reef Currents and check your name off our list and receive a Free Marsh Cooler bag to keep your corals safe! Supporting Members will also be allowed in 30 minutes before anyone else. And dont forget the first 350 through the door will be...
  13. gregg

    Tropical Storm Gear Preparation Check ✅

    Not if u have insurance. what ya gonna do when that storm damages where u live now and the landlord says u gotta go? At least in your own home your the master of the domain, it’s harder to kick you out.
  14. gregg

    Tropical Storm Gear Preparation Check ✅

    If you are then the first thing you should buy is your own house.