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Recent content by Hef-Reef

  1. H

    New to Salt, long time fresh keeper.

    I just started watching those on Saturday. Definitely a great starting point for someone new to salt.
  2. H

    Ready for reefcurrents?

    Anyone have the event details? (When where, etc.) Edit: never mind Reef Currents 2018
  3. H

    Where is the best place to order an aquarium?

    We are starting our planning and I am looking to put together a comprehensive budget. Last aquarium we purchased came from glasscages.com, but I wanted to see if there is local company building reef aquariums. Where is the best place to order a reef aquarium?
  4. H

    Planted Aquariums

    We have a planted freshwater currently and about to take the salty plunge. 60 gallon rimless.
  5. H

    Trusted Local Metal Stand Builder

    Most fab shops can't gear down to small projects. I can help you out late this coming summer if you can wait that long.
  6. H

    Almost that time of year!!!!

    I can attest to the diversity @ Corpus Christi. My wife and I go fishing there 5-6 times per year and we always max out our coolers. Whitings, croakers, sand trout, spotted trout, sheepshead, mackerel, etc. Our first trip each year is normally spring break, but usually the water is still cold.
  7. H

    New to Salt, long time fresh keeper.

    Thank you very much!
  8. H

    Galveston collecting tomorrow

    Casting net lessons are definitely no problem! Next few days, gees please tell me you have a wetsuit? Water it way too cold for me with board shorts!
  9. H

    New to Salt, long time fresh keeper.

    Right on! Thank you for the video!
  10. H

    Galveston collecting tomorrow

    Sounds awesome! I have a casting net and some smaller nets and would love to plan to head out for collections this coming spring/summer! Ever find any corals?
  11. H

    New to Salt, long time fresh keeper.

    We are planning a custom sump (we have some hurtles with the peninsula and being able to access curtain areas below the aquarium). Our stair case will wrap around the aquarium, so we will only have under tank access from one of the short sides (right-hand side). Starting with soft, lps, & sps...
  12. H

    What part of town do you live in?

    South of Cinco Ranch, but moving south of Katy within a couple of months (723 south of Westpark Tollway).
  13. H

    New to Salt, long time fresh keeper.

    I have been keeping freshwater aquariums my entire life, but just now getting the opportunity to dive into the salt side with a reef (in the planning stages now). We are planning a 150-190 (4'long x 2'wide x 31"tall or 5'long x 2'wide x 31"tall) peninsula within our entryway. We are researching...