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  1. J

    New tank - my aquascape work

    Two things, I made rocks out of an ice cube tray. I also had flat rocks which I broke into pieces and made little bases where the aquascape sits one. The sand reach the top of the flat rocks. Everything is cemented. I wanted minimum rocks touching the sand. So I made ice cubes out of cement.
  2. J

    Sump noise

    So I just build a new tank and I noticed that I’m getting a lot of noise from the drain in the sun due to the force of gravity. Coming from the bottom of the tank, I have two elbows which are then join with a T, down to another elbow running horizontally to meet another elbow to run the last...
  3. J

    New tank - my aquascape work

    With this stay at home I decided to upgrade my long overdue 120 tank to a 150 longer but narrower tank. Here’s my aquascape. I had to make new rocks and used what I already had. your feedback is greatly appreciated...
  4. J

    New Build after a very long time

    Thanks Cody, I do have my current sandbed. I'm not getting rid of that nor am I going to kill it. I want to focus on the aquascape and have something that I'm going to feel comfortable for years to come. As I had the same tank for more than 10 years now. I feel comfortable when I do the...
  5. J

    New Build after a very long time

    Hello all, I took the plunge and decided to upgrade my tank from a 120gal to a 150gal since I am home now and need something to do. Not much of an upgrade, but I had my old tank for more than 10 years and wanted to change. I'm planning my aquascape and am trying to see what's out there now...
  6. J

    Lighting Question

    Hello, I am starting a new tank and I am setting a 120gal tank with two of the famous ebay block box and after re-wiring and setting the VDM and hanging them 10-12" from the top f the tank, I only see a narrow bean of light. any suggestions on how to set the lights? Many thanks
  7. J

    HOB refugium

    Hello all, I have a hang on back refuge with a 200 gal pump. Everything works well, with one exception. The return back to the main tank puts a lot of bubbles into the tank. It's affecting the lights with all of the splashing. I have inserted a piece of PVC pipe which keeps coming off and also...
  8. J

    New setup

    Last year, I started a setup on my 120 gal. I had about 100 lbs of dried sand and about 120 lbs of dried rocked from macro rocks. I used dr Tim one and only and fed the aquarium a bit of Ammonia to keep the fish alive. The tank crash and the nitrate was off the scale for almost two months...
  9. J

    PH and air vent

    Hello, I have issue with my tank and the PH. I was told that the best way to maintain the ph is by ventilating the air and my home is completely sealed. I have a window right in back of my display tank. I wanted to know if there’s such an adapter that I can put on the window to allow...
  10. J

    Joining two tanks

    I have a main 120 Gal and a side 55 Gal tank which I would like to connect together and share the same filtration system for less maintenance and saving on cost. On the 55 Gal, I’m thinking of putting slow breed fish such as sea horses, pipe fish or garden eals and possibly a few corals. The...
  11. J

    Nitrite Help

    I started to build a new tank and started from scratch around 3 months ago. I have dried rocks and dried sand. I followed the Dr. Tim One and Only bacteria, and feeding a small amount of ammonia to keep the bacteria alive. I have never added any live goods to the tank yet. I also filtered my...
  12. J

    Bubbles in the sump

    Hello, I'm setting up my new tank which is a 120Gal with a 30Gal sump. CUrrently I have 1" pvc pipes coming down from the tank to the sump. There is currently 5 90 degrees elbows trying to slow the flow of water (too much that's causing water level on the tank to raise a bit but not terribly)...
  13. J

    Deep Sand Bed Help

    Hello, I have set up a Deep Sand Bed of about five inches. last night when I was fixing thing sup, I moved a little bit of sand and the underneath sand was blue/black. I heard this was not good and could be fatal for the living on the tank. What can I do? It would be almost impossible to...
  14. J

    Too much algie

    I've had my tank for almost a year. Currently have a six T5 48" lighting, a reef octopus skimmer and am using GFO and Carbon reactor for filtration, I also have two refugium one on back and one on the sump. In the last few weeks, nothing has changed, but am getting a large amount of brown and...
  15. J

    New to the area

    Hello, I am setting up my tank 120 Gal with a 35 gal custom sump. Have had the tank up and running for a month, and was wondering where are good LFS in the i10 and the beltway that are reputable? Also, are there any events or any trading selling frags?