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    Update of my 28gal jbj biocube bt soon to get rid of to a 40gal Cube

    [emoji4] loving the hobby in saltwater jst love the view of watching corals bloom out in a small tank lol bt need more room for more corals lol[emoji12] Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    New setup 28gal biocube nano

    My new lil set up 28gal nano its been running for three weeks now n everything is looking good[emoji123] [emoji111] [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    Side view of my bby 72bowlfront

    Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    Watch "72bowlfront saltwater update" on YouTube

    https://youtu.be/Gw6yt1uAxk0 Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    Watch "72bowlfront saltwater 5month update " on YouTube

    https://youtu.be/7lQZieb1xFA hope ya'll marshians enjoy[emoji817] [emoji85] [emoji28] [emoji41] [emoji106] [emoji123] [emoji72]
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    Watch "72bowlfront saltwater setup" on YouTube

    https://youtu.be/SsIPk6THvoc jose
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    Enjoying their Rbta

    https://vimeo.com/163903325 jose
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    Snowflakes n Picasso onyx in their Rbta

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    My 72bowlfront update

  10. J

    Watch "Mr.David tanks" on YouTube

    https://youtu.be/p1hZMMgCiAQ jose