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Recent content by ReefNoob

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    Ah. didnt know. I am the kind of guy who likes to comprehend the expected monetary value of the offering prior to making a commitment. sorry
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    No price ? Thought it was required per marsh forum rules?
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    For Sale Zoas and Hammers and Bounce, oh my!

    Cody’s frags are the bomb. thx bud!
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    For Sale Splendid dottyback

    Just read these will go at snails and shrimps,no bueno for me, sorry!
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    For Sale Splendid dottyback

    If we can meet at ocean life, I’ll take it
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    For Sale Rose Nems

    Darn! I’ll be back Thursday- I know it does not help with your question 😁 but appreciate you keeping one hot for me. I’ll PayPal if you DM your info
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    For Sale Black widow nems

    Where are you located?
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    For Sale WTS red monti cap

    Interested in a selection of pretty much all. PM on its way👍
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    For Sale Rose Nems

    I'll take one as well
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    For Sale Green and rainbow BTAs

    LMK if they split again; I'd need a few Thanks
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    Hybrid light fixture on a rimless

    It’s a bit pricey but ,wow, solid quality stuff. No deflection on these reef tank lengths
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    Hybrid light fixture on a rimless

    Since several asked for list of items, I thought I'd post it right here: Items Qty Description Price 4481-Black SKU: 4481-Black 4 15 Series 5 Hole - "L" Flat Plate $33.12 3320 SKU: 3320 36 Bolt Assembly: 5/16-18 x .687" Black FBHSCS with Slide-In Economy T-Nut - Offset Thread -...
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    Banggai Cardinalfish

    Would be interested in a small school too; 4-6 would be nice
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    Denver LFS

    That’s ironic. Quick in and out for me, already back at the airport...