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Coral Arrival 8/14/2015

Aquarium Design Group

May 8, 2015
Reaction score

Blastomussa Wellsi Red
Blue Tip Elegance
Makassar Red Polyps Grade A
Red/Green Zoa Grade C
Rare Colour Morph Zoa Grade B
Daisy Coral
Blastomussa Merleti
Cynarina Red Grade A
Short Hair Blue Neon Mushroom
Acanthastrea Echinata
Green Neon Torch
Long Tentacle Neon Flowerpot Red
Short Tentacle Neon Flowerpot Red
Multicolour Brain Corals Grade A-B
Red and Blue Neon Mushrooms
Octofrogspawn Green
Blue Zoa Grade B
Green Neon Flowerpot
Gold Neon Mushroom
Blue/Green Sympodium Clove
Bubble Tip Anemone
Ball Anemone
Long Stalk Polyp
Metallic Red Button Polyp
Bulls Eye Java Neon Green Mushroom