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Correct Skimmer settings


Mar 8, 2016
Yes i have read the instructions! I dont know if anyone has one of the SIMPLICITY 320 DC skimmers but i cant seem to get this thing going super correct. Is it normal in the beginning to keep changing heights to find the optimal level? i had it making some black lovely skimmate at one point but then it stopped and all i get is a rapid dirty Pee Yellow color that comes in rather fast. I appreciate it if there is any help I can get or if i have to just keep fooling with it I will!


May 9, 2014
Every skimmer type has different water level in the sump so first of all, you need find out what is the range for your type of skimmer. Second, you turn skimmer output completely open to see how high of the water flow inside of skimmer body then turn closer as little as the time until you feel that is the sweet spot for your skimmer. Don't ever think your skimmer has big bubble on the top all the time, it's mostly happen at night time, you can set the micro bubble up to neck or middle of the cup only (don't count the big bubble). I always choose as wet skim mate than dry skim mate.


Apr 5, 2014
Spring Tx
It also depends how much water you're willing to burn through to maximize protein removal. I always "wet skimmed". Ie, I was more willing to waste a bit of water to polish my water as best as was possible.

It's an equation, just have to pick which side is most important to you.