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fish injury or parasite


Jan 6, 2015
249 and beltway
I have a 150 gallon fish / coral tank
I have been missing a few fish like 6 firefish, 2 chromis, 2 clowns have died.
I have noticed on one of the clowns it had a discoloration (whitish stripe) along its back on one side
A purple pseudo has similar markings on its body
my yellow eye tang has a larger one vertically on it side in front of its tail
i do have some anemone not sure on the names but one (Purple) is not clown friendly
Does the injury on my tang appear to be an anemone attack
which as now it has become an open wound

can anyone please help



Supporting Member
Jun 29, 2012
That is a condy anemone. Its possible your fish could be getting stung or eaten. I have no idea why fish stores bring those things in. Clowns won't host in them. When they are white like that, it is because they are lacking their beneficial zooxanthellae. Once it returns, they will become a brown color. And they are aggressive.