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Recent content by Reefahholic

  1. Reefahholic


    So relieved with our new 6 week fallow period. We always suspected the higher temps would speed it up, but now we have the study. 🤗🤗
  2. Reefahholic

    Shelf rock TLF STAX

    Marco premium shelf is definitely worth it.
  3. Reefahholic

    Crazy Scallops

  4. Reefahholic

    Catching a BOBBIT WORM.

    Part 1: Part 2:
  5. Reefahholic

    Almost that time of year!!!!

    I’ve caught a few of these in my cast net (mostly in the marsh), but they’re not common in the Galveston surf . Surfside tends to have better water clarity and I see more species there. I’m not sure what they are. Did you catch it in the marsh or off the beach. It wouldn’t be impossible for them...
  6. Reefahholic

    Almost that time of year!!!!

    Not a SM, they typically have some yellow with black stripes and forked tail.
  7. Reefahholic

    Greg Carroll vs Amado Gonzalez- Radion G5 vs Kessil

    Both blue and pro grow coral great.
  8. Reefahholic

    *Edit* The build will Go Forward!!!!

    This is the area. Very close to bay.
  9. Reefahholic

    *Edit* The build will Go Forward!!!!

    Basically...Baycliff About 5 minutes down the road.
  10. Reefahholic

    GEO Calcium Reactor

    Haha...it’s still in the box. Haven’t even touched it. A lot of videos to come! I just got to get moved and the uploads will start again soon. It’s fixing to be on!
  11. Reefahholic

    *Edit* The build will Go Forward!!!!

    Well, I’ll be signing a new lease today at 5:30pm. I’m about a stones throw from the bay. Very quiet neighborhood with a lovely little backyard and small front yard with flower bed and palm tree by the front door. :-) It’s a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath little Deplex. Slightly bigger than my apartment and...
  12. Reefahholic

    Copper treatment

    Yes, let him recover for a day or so and start TTM. Or if you notice any white spots are other signs of parasites like flashing or erratic behavior then start TTM. You can also do a round of Prazipro or GC while your doing the TTM. Try to feed the fish to build it up during this process.
  13. Reefahholic

    *Edit* The build will Go Forward!!!!

    Found an awesome little place. Was On HAR for 5 days. Emailed and thought we would have it locked in for lease. Leased in only 2 days the lady told me. Bummer. Had a nice fenced outside yard, 2 water hoses out the back door. A nice covered patio. I could have had plants in the yard. It would...