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  1. Rio1969

    Want to Buy 20 gallon qt

    I have one.
  2. Rio1969

    Movers for 280g (dry) tank move

    PM sent.
  3. Rio1969

    rum before 10am?

    Very sad, I still remember reading them when I was very young.
  4. Rio1969

    Movers for 280g (dry) tank move

    I used David from Galactic Corals to move my 7' 265 gallon tank.
  5. Rio1969

    Mini Colonies, Prices, and R2R

    I wonder what they would call Reeftopia's frags.
  6. Rio1969

    coralline algae

    I am using this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009T7JETI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Also the shorter one.
  7. Rio1969

    Gem Tang with Ich

    Not as brave as those who just float and release. I have had her for a total of 41 days before she went into the DT. Of course in that time I had to treat her. Imagine if I had just done a float and release. Right now I have a Diamond Goby in QT that I just picked up today.
  8. Rio1969

    Gem Tang with Ich

    She is in the DT now, only the Chocolate Tangs is trying to keep her out of his area. The rest of fish just ignore her.
  9. Rio1969

    Gem Tang with Ich

    At least she is eating like a pig.
  10. Rio1969

    Gem Tang with Ich

    From what I have read Chloroquine Phosphate works better than copper. Previously I have treated fish with Chloroquine Phosphate for 2 weeks then moved them to a sterile tank for a couple of days then to the DT, of course those fish did not have Ich or at least they did not show any signs of Ich.
  11. Rio1969

    Gem Tang with Ich

    A couple of days.
  12. Rio1969

    Gem Tang with Ich

    I have now had her in CP for 20 days. My plan is to move her to a sterile tank and give her 1 more dose of Prazipro then move her to the DT. What do you guys think?
  13. Rio1969

    Galactic Coral Grand Opening Sale & Raffle Mar 14

    The last time I went by David's shop a couple of months ago it was closed and the sign was gone.
  14. Rio1969

    Sick Regal Angel Fish

    The Regal was the first fish in the tank, the Sohal was added months later.