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PSA: Flex seal your tank stands!


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Mar 25, 2017
So last night I woke up around 11 at night to my ato beeping, so I re set it and and went to adjust the level it was in my sump. And I look to see there was a half inch of water in his stand! And I tasted it and it was salt! So i woke my dad up, and we soaked up the bottom of the stand with some towels and fix the prob. The problem came from where the main drain goes in to the sump. It was overflow flowing the silencer tube thing on the trigger sump. And was back flowing to in the inner part of the stand. Man did that flex seal save my tank. I checked it this morning the the Fix worked. All we did was to make sure the plumbing was on tight. We are prob gonna hard plumb it and use a union. I’ll post a pic later to show what I’m talking about.


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Jun 24, 2009
I like flex seal or really any rubberized sealer. I also like oil based or better yet epoxy paint and silicon caulk.

I'm struggling about what to do on my new stand which is stained.