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  1. DwPolcyn

    My water sucks

    A water softener might help a little with that, and your pipes and appliances in your home would thank you.
  2. DwPolcyn

    How should I start my first saltwater tank

    I would start with water, get yourself an RODI unit. You don't want to be driving up to the LFS everytime you need water.
  3. DwPolcyn

    For Sale Micro brittle stars

    I was a little intimidated the first time I saw a Harlequin in action. Those guys are savages!!
  4. DwPolcyn

    Red Sea 250 Journey

    Coincidentally my order from Reefcleaners arrived today! Nice clean ball of chaeto, Florida cereriths, dwarf ceriths and 2 turbo snails. Everything somehow survived 3 days in usps, the water the snails arrived in was hot! I didn't get an exact temperature but I'd say it had to be high 80's, low...
  5. DwPolcyn

    Red Sea 250 Journey

    Update Had an algae bloom that started a few days, all the fish seemed fine until I saw my yellow line goby covered in ich. Poor guy was probably having a difficult time breathing. Day 1 After taking this picture I immediately went straight to Petco for an intank UV sterilizer to throw in the...
  6. DwPolcyn

    Mushroom show off thread

    Is that a Sunkist bounce?
  7. DwPolcyn

    DLI (Daily Light Interval) and Why PAR Isn't Accurate

    What!? I've been sitting on an unanswered email for over 2 weeks. I assumed it was the human malware, guess I'll resubmit my ticket.
  8. DwPolcyn

    White residue on surface.

    I had something similar on my 24gal where there wasn't much water turnover on the surface. I would guess it's some form of algae.
  9. DwPolcyn

    DLI (Daily Light Interval) and Why PAR Isn't Accurate

    They just posted it yesterday My two xr15s both have their plastic housings cracked from the torque screws being over tightened. Still waiting for an RMA from Ecotech
  10. DwPolcyn

    DLI (Daily Light Interval) and Why PAR Isn't Accurate

    I see i'm not the only one who watched the new BRS video. Following this thread!
  11. DwPolcyn

    Snails tapping on my glass

    Maybe your snails are into tapdancing. My Trochus snails seem to love getting their shells polished by my mp40 blades. They also seem to enjoy base jumping off the rock, I hear them smack the bottom of the glass every night.
  12. DwPolcyn

    What do you call a piece of coral?

    This dude got his Deadpool mushroom to bounce and sold it for $800 in less than 2 days. There is certainly a market for them.
  13. DwPolcyn

    What do you call a piece of coral?

    Prices on OGs have gone down significantly in just a year. Probably just not enough supply for the demand with certain strains.