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Almost that time of year!!!!

Oct 26, 2014
Not a bunch... I haven't been to the jetties in a couple months. I have made a few trips for fish food, but not much collecting. if you can come on a low low tide(twice the normal tide, usually from the wind blowing out the north) the porcellin crabs are plenty about a ft. out of the water under the rocks. Slim pickings on the gobies lately, but i have found quite a few pistol shrimp and a ton of toad fish. I may take the kids out to get some fish food, so I will let you know.

I need to get to the jetties soon... I should have went last weekend, but I don't like fighting with the spring breakers!!
Apr 30, 2018
I went to the bolivar peninsula and caught a lot of gulf and sheepshead killifish along with ghost shrimp. I only kept a few of the killifish like 2 of each and kept a lot of ghost shrimp to feed what I have at home but I’ll be back soon to see if something new is out and about!

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Reef Junkie T.V.
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Feb 4, 2014
League City
Normally.... I prefer the water a little more clear than what you see above, but at night you can collect with this clarity no problem.

When it gets really green and the wind is light N or NW....it's epic down there. So much fun!

I know some good places in Surfside too. Water is usually a lot more clear down there despite being only 1 hour away. Surfside has more consistent (green water) by far.

Matagorda sucks because of the Colorado River mouth, but makes for some of the heaviest surf just inside the jetty's. Matagorda has best wave (heaviest with power) from here to Bob Hall pier in Corpus.

Fish pass jetties near Corpus is epic for collecting. Padre is also great just about all year around, but it's too far. It will get brown from time to time, but it usually keeps good visibility. Better than anywhere on the Texas Coast. Of course all your Upper Texas Coastal areas are better because they're deeper and the rivers don't affect them as much.

I would rather make the 8 hr drive to Pensacola, Florida than drive to Padre. For another hour or 2 you can collect live sand, and many more species of fish.

If you were to "block off" all the river mouths in the Gulf.....Texas would look just like Destin Florida, Cancun, or Miami.

When I was a kid, from about 8yrs old to 15....I lived at the beach for about half of the year. I remember one time the water got so clear that you could stand on the end of Dirty Pelican Pier and see the bottom. It brought in the most insane fish and also a lot of stingray. There were Tarpon, Jacks, and Spanish Mackerel to name a few. It looked exactly like Destin Florida on a good day. I've never seen it that blue and clear again.