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    Sps for sale beginner to high end

    This mans corals are insane. Picked up some frags from him and enjoying the colors until they brown out in mine lol
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    For Sale 36 inch ATI hybrid 8 bulb $950 obo price dropped

    This unit is brand new and I’m taking a huge loss with is as I went with an bigger tank. Will have enough coverage for tanks up to 48”. Will come with brand new bulbs
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    Want to Buy WTB copperband butterfly

    Ada had 3 of them over the weekend when I was there
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    For Sale Equipment Clean Out

    Do you have a pic of the Apex display?
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    Tyree pink watermelon chalice or pink boobies

    Looking for these classics that I lost. Let me know if you have some
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    Unauthorized donation to marsh

    Sure. Will trade for frags
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    Unauthorized donation to marsh

    Hey I signed up for membership and paid the $30. A few days later I was charged thru PayPal $40 as a donation to Marsh. This was unauthorized and not sure why it was charged. How do we remedy this problem?
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    Auto Aqua smart ATO

    Have a unit that’s in immaculate condition. Works great and is a breeze to setup. I upgraded to apex Atk so letting this go. Asking for $85 (713)933-9698
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    Chloramine in city water

    Does anyone have any info on our city water and chloramine is used to treat? I’m having unexplained coral deaths and trying to do process of elimination. If so are you guys using chloramine filters on your RO/DI systems?
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    App 50 lbs of Marco rocks and shelf rock $60 obo

    Got leftover rock also to anyone in need of some good clean rock with nice shapes. Located close to clear lake
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    BAO(building an obsession) custom sump $225

    Went a different route with the sump on my new build so I’m letting this one go. Huge space for skimmer and has built in probe holders and dosing lines. It’s a beauty SiZe is 32wx20x16h
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    2.5 bags of Tropic Eden live sand $40

    Bought too much sand for my new build so this is what’s left over. 2 full unopened bags and about another half a bag that I took out that’s sitting in plastic containers.
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    Please help my lineatus wrasse

    Hello all. Just got this beauty last week from a fellow Reefer but in the last 2 days he has an infection of some sort on his left fin. Have no clue what it is not how to treat it or will it hopefully heal on its own. To the fishperts on this board please help!