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    For Sale SPS for sale

    Pm sent on the arc fireworks and others. Want the fireworks for sure
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    For Sale Berghia Nudibranchs

    Good luck contacting seller. Pmed twice no response
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    For Sale Big R Walt Disney Tenuis frags FS

    His WD is the real deal guys. Very nice colors and not your typical all green WD
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    For Sale Rainbow anemone

    Also open to trades. High end sps or zoas are welcomed
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    For Sale Rainbow anemone

    Bought this for $250 at Aquashella a few months ago and it just split. Looking to rehome it for $150. It looks even better in person. Nice bubbles and has kept its bubbles
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    For Sale Berghia Nudibranchs

    Anyone have any luck contacting this seller?
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    For Sale Equipment Clean Out

    Do you have a pic of the Apex display?
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    Unauthorized donation to marsh

    Sure. Will trade for frags
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    Unauthorized donation to marsh

    Hey I signed up for membership and paid the $30. A few days later I was charged thru PayPal $40 as a donation to Marsh. This was unauthorized and not sure why it was charged. How do we remedy this problem?
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    Chloramine in city water

    Does anyone have any info on our city water and chloramine is used to treat? I’m having unexplained coral deaths and trying to do process of elimination. If so are you guys using chloramine filters on your RO/DI systems?
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    Please help my lineatus wrasse

    Hello all. Just got this beauty last week from a fellow Reefer but in the last 2 days he has an infection of some sort on his left fin. Have no clue what it is not how to treat it or will it hopefully heal on its own. To the fishperts on this board please help!
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    Chlorine in treatment water notice

    Hey guys I received this notice in my email. Wondering if anyone else is affected by this and if you have any tips or suggestions. Thanks
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    Recommend a top off reservoir

    Hey guys. I have a brute trash can on hand to set up for my auto top off reservoir but wanted to look for something that's a little more visually appealing for the job as it is going on my small fish closet. Show me what you got and where I can get it from. Thanks
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    why cant I post for sale ads?

    Im trying to post a for sale ad in the forum but it doesnt appear that there is a tab to post a topic. Is my account restricted? If so then why? Ive been registered for years.